Nira Affiliate Program

Interested in Joining the Nira CBD Affiliate Program?

Nira CBD is Physician formulated and made from the Highest quality ingredients. Now you too can capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market by becoming a Nira CBD affiliate!

Nira Physician Formulated
Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is comprised of partner companies and individuals from all walks of life, who partner with us to share product information, updates, promotions, and reviews with their communities. Through this sharing, as an affiliate, every time someone purchases Nira CBD through your referral, you earn a percentage of that sale!

Affiliates receive 20% of the net sales they generate.


How Does the Nira CBD Affiliate Program Work?

We use the Impact Radius platform to host our Affiliate Program.
When you sign-up, you can review the basic agreement details.


Step 1

Create an account with Impact


Step 2

Submit an Affiliate Application and we will review ASAP


Step 3

Share Nira CBD with your Affiliate link and start earning $$$

Why Become a Nira Physician Formulated CBD Affiliate?

  • Nira CBD is one of only a few CBD brands on the market that is Physician Formulated and endorsed.
  • Our Medical Director, Dr. Laszlo Mechtler has treated more patients with cannabinoid-based medicine that any other doctor.
  • Our industry leading product development team, with the leadership of Dr. Mechtler is constantly working on creating new formulations that are of the highest quality and efficacy.
  • There is NO COST to sign up to become a Nira CBD affiliate and joining provides you an opportunity to capitalize on the constantly growing CBD industry.
  • We offer a competitive rate of 20% commission on all net sales you refer.
  • We offer some of the highest quality and most affordable CBD products available on the market to support all our Affiliate partner efforts.

Ready to Join the Nira CBD Movement?

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about our affiliate program.
Should have any additional questions we are always available for you at:


What are my responsibilities as a Nira CBD Affiliate?

  • As a Nira Physician Formulated CBD Affiliate, your responsibility is to be a positive representative of the Nira brand!
  • When you apply through the Impact Affiliate platform you will be asked to review and agree to “Terms & Conditions”.
  • You also have a responsibility to adhere to regulations and compliance set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    • See “Terms & Conditions” for further information.

Do I have to be a certain age in order to apply?

  • You must be AT LEAST 18 years of age in order to participate in our affiliate program.

Must I have a website or blog to participate?

  • While having a website or a blog is strongly recommended to help the success of our Affiliate program’s “reach”, it is not mandatory.
  • If you feel that you have a large audience through social media, newsletters, etc that would help drive success please list this information when completing your application.

How does the Nira CBD Affiliate Program work?

  • After you have created your Impact setup; entered all requested information, agreed to our “Terms & Condition”, and have been approved as an Affiliate, you will receive a personalized URL.
  • When this URL results in a purchase, Impact tracks these transactions, and you earn 20% commission for all attributed net sales.

Ready to Join the Nira CBD Movement?

The Nira Physician Formulated CBD Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity for you to be able to capitalize on the ever-growing CBD market!

We are excited to review your application and begin our potential partnership!

Should have any additional questions we are always available for you at: